To pack light, you need a carry all bag filled with flexible pairs of essentials and ziplocks. By Muhammad Reza

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Holiday season is coming.  It’s time to take a break from boring daily routine and go travel to the  sunny beach resort. Once we’re out of the door, the fun begins. However, packing for the trip is not always fun for some of us. Common problem is bringing too much clothes that wouldn’t even be worn. Have no worries, I share some tips to pack light.

Carry All Bag

Common inconvenience at the airport is waiting for your baggage or dealing with the lost  luggage. There’s one solution for this; a carry all bag. You’re not moving in to a resort or the city you visit, right? Why bother with enormous and heavy trolley bag filled with pile of clothes you might not even wear? Just get a carry all bag to travel with you. If you need more clothes at your holiday destination, just go shopping there.

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Flexible Pairs of Mix and Match

Traveling light with a carry all, you can pack several pairs of mix and match that you’ll definitely wear.

  1. Pack a pair of bright jeans, dark trousers, and capri or short pants. You can wear them day and night. Cuff them for casual attire.
  2. For the chic resort look at the beach, tops ranging from a white blouse, a few t-shirts, a resort-y dress or two and a cardigan are essentials for mix and match. With the bottoms they make several and interchangeable day and evening looks.

  3. You also need an exquisite black cardigan or dark hued blazer to warm you when it’s windy at night. Just wear them to the airport to save some space of your bag.
  4. For the south of your torso, bring pairs of flats or sandals.
  5. At last, pack two or three colorful accessories to accentuate your holiday looks.



The bottles of shampoo, body lotion, day creme, night crème, moisturizer, hair serum, and other cosmetics could take so much space of your carry all. Because you’ll only use them for, say, three days, here is the trick: ziplocks. You can fill each ziplock with each hair and body care you need. It might only take a little space of your bag.


Traveling is relaxing. Before leaving for the airport, make sure you are well prepared. Have a fun trip.  Bon voyage!


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