When the road to the stores gets bumpy for economic crisis, you still can look great.These previous five tips keep you in style. (Fashion meets Finance).Text & Photo: Muhammad Reza, Published on Bandung Advertiser Dec 11 2008.

The current issue in the end of 2008 is not global warming anymore. Major fashion designers solved that issue with the invention of fabric-mixture and lightweight coat, our fashionable life survived. This time, it’s financial crisis. When crisis is ‘in’, do we have to stop shopping? Is there anything we can do to meet this fashion need without making us broke?

It feels like when we had our economic crisis in 1997-1998. However, in such monetary crisis, some of us apparently shopped more often than before. Some likely needed to escape this financial depression by shopping. That’s suicidal. What a financially healthy fashionistas should do is to shop wisely to maintain their style despite the hard times.

1. Sale Doesn’t Always Save Money

If you think shopping around the sale racks would save you a little more money, it’s not. In fact, you might end up stocking your wardrobe with trash you will never wear. Here’s why: the sale racks would be loaded with the last season clothes. The trendy clothes, in particular. For example, since it’s going to be 2009 soon and the designers has been sending their upcoming collection to the stores, the old clothes in the stores must go. You probably think it’s lucky to get those “last season to be” clothes in much bigger fraction of the price. But you’ll feel OK to wear them for only a week or two. Because once the new season arrives, you would look like the archive of last season look book. The result? Those sale finds stay inside the closet forever. What a waste of money.

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2. Buy Classic Pieces and You’ll Shop No More

Whoever says classic style is boring might end up shopping all the time. Here’s the reason; being fashionable is not always being stylish. Being fashionable requires you to look in  latest trend . There’s no fashionable person wearing dated shoes or frocks. But being stylish, in classic style in particular, is another thing. It’s your personal style that is not mandated by the temporary fad. That means you don’t desperately need to reload your wardrobe every three months. Your style is not dictated by fashion magazines.

The items for classic style include the boxy jacket, black cotton blazer, black pipe pants or denim, white shirt, a pair of high heels and flats, and a little black dress. They’re so essential that you can keep several variants or designs and wear them all the time without looking dated. When you want to make your classic look a little bit more current, shop only the contemporary accessories such as jewelry or seasonal  ‘it’ bags. Classic look fits you anywhere, any occasion.

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3. Price and Labels for Quality

Well, this is true. When you buy clothes from well established labels, you invest. I don’t say that you have to be brand-minded, but these labels won’t settle for anything less than good quality. You are getting value guarantee  that lasts for long time. They may be clothes, bags or watches that you can pass to your children in the future. This is very  good for your wallet instead of buying bunch of cheap clothes that makes you repeating spending money all over again just because the fabric ruins or the color fades fast. Remember this; shop to invest. Price and value is not the same thing.

4. Always Try The Clothes On

When you go shopping, try on the clothes to make sure that they fit as if they were your second skin. You may be pretty sure about your size but still I recommend, make sure they really fit before you take them home. You may think if it’s too tight, you can just do some cardio at the gym. Duh. The possible exercise you’ll do is walking to the same store again to get more clothes.

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5. Proper Care

Nothing will last long if it’s not treated properly. It’s important that you know how to maintain each kind of clothes based on their fabric. For example, you can’t machine-wash tulle frocks because it would ruin the fabric and its crisp. When you drop your silk dresses to the dry cleaner, make sure the staff hang them separately from rough garments to avoid scratches. You also may understand that batik dresses require specific care. Dry clean and machine wash fade its color. Wrong care results in more money to spend for shopping.

Fashion is crucial and it does involve money. To look your best surely needs maintainance constantly. When the road to the stores are bumpy for economic crisis, you would still look great.These previous five tips keep you in style.

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