BE A PRETTY AND SMART BRIDE (when fashion meets finance) – 2010

A wedding dress is very special but it doesn’t have to make you broke.

By Muhammad Reza (087877177869,

Published in Bandung Advertiser,  2010


Wedding dress, or wedding gown, is the only one you cherish to wear once in a life time. A wedding dress is a manifestation of your psyche; your Cinderella fantasy. Fashion-wise, the dress is the piece that personifies your fantasy yet fits your figure, skin tone and taste. Money-wise, the dress shouldn’t suspend your any other plan like purchasing a house or starting up a new business.

Many brides are so emotionally attached to the dream of the perfect wedding dress and would spend a fortune to have it. They tend to forget the most important essence of the wedding; the marriage itself. The wedding is where the bride and groom celebrate their vow. Focusing too much on the wedding dress is however a slight form of silent war between women to be the best of their peer. Yes, you can compete on dresses in some cocktail parties. But when the occasion is your own wedding, who do you compete with?

A designer’s wedding gown could cost as much as a new car. It’s not a problem if you’re rich, but when your man and you are still building your career and saving for the house, the pricey designer’s gown would be an obvious unnecessary expense. That would be a very selfish of you, too.

Looking fabulous on your wedding day doesn’t have to result in problem. It doesn’t mean you should wear a sad wedding dress either. So, what’s a smart bride to do?

Have a Made to Order Wedding Dress

A designer’s gown costs a fortune for the high quality of the fabric they use, the craftsmanship/trimming they do on the gown, and the value of the authentic design. You could save a lot by commissioning your trusty tailor/dress maker to do your gown. Find your perfect model of the dress on tla wedding magazine. This way you could save more money because you don’t need to fit or customize your dress since the dress is made your size. Ask advice about the fabric to your tailor. Rayon is much affordable substitute for expensive silk. It’s easier to sew as well. It’s difficult to differ silk and rayon only by look. So the gown would still look lavish and glamorous on your wedding picture. Since the gown would be stored on your wardrobe forever, who would care if it’s rayon?

A designer’s wedding gown is so expensive for its ornamentation as well. Swarovski crystals beading, French lace, or other details that cost hours of hand work and expertise. For your own wedding gown, find the simple model and accessorize it. You could accentuate your gown with a crystal tiara, your grandmother pearl choker, or perhaps simply your flawless skin.

Borrow Your Mother’s Wedding Dress

I believe many mothers-or grandmothers- want her daughter wear their wedding gown. How many times we hear the story of two sisters fight for such dress? If you have the chance to wear the legacy, feel lucky. Yes, her wedding dress might be a little retro for the moment so that a tailor would be needed for help.

Rent The Wedding Dress

This is the real benefit of those hours spent in the gym to get your perfect figure. If you work hard for the model size, you could easily slip to the rental wedding gown. This might be the best option to economise. You could experience the high quality dress without spending money as much as on the price tag. Many wedding organizers and bridal boutiques provide this rental.

Buy Young Designer’s Wedding Gowns

That’s why we always love young designers. They make quality clothes with introductory prices. Investment-wise, the dress value could double in the future when it’s regarded vintage designer’s gown. Quite a smart purchase, isn’t it?

Just like being in relationship, you have to be logical in your entire wedding plan. Don’t splurge emotionally for a wedding dress. You don’t want to regret the loss of  those big money in the future, right? Be a pretty and smart bride.