They’re glamour, resort-y, casual, sophisticated, and sexy. Tunics should be one of your wardrobe essentials.

Text: Muhammad Reza


It’s fasting month for moslems now. And tunics are so identical with the season. It would be easy to imagine some fashion spread showcasing girls in veil wearing tunic. But should tunic be only worn at this certain occasion? Just Ramadhan and Hari Raya? Why not wear tunics daily, more often?

tunik bcbg-resort23
BCBG Max Azria

Historically, it’s not the arabians who wore tunics first (as I presumed), but the romans. Tunic derived from the latin word tunica. It’s a type of sleeved or sleeveless clothing whose hem line  reaches one’s hip or ankles. As fashion evolves, tunics were  worn and modified in many countries. In the medieval time, the embroidered tunic stated the social status. The riches embroidered it with lavish stones or threads. It lost its popularity as fashion trend changed and kept on coming back as another fad periodically.


Tunics look, however, sophisticated, relaxed and very feminine. They also reflect virtue, likely because most of clergymen and yogis are seen in them. But if we look the other way, tunics could be glamorous and seductive as well. There are so many other looks in them. It’s how we style them.


Glam Tunics

Let’s fall in love with tunics. Start with the glam ones. You have more chances to fit in any dresscode with different kind of them (except business attire, for sure). When you’re invited to a formal party and expected to look glamour, you can respect the dresscode in flashy sequined tunics. I am sure that dark silk or satin pieces, embroidered with sparkling crystals or finely made emroidery would enhance the celebrated moment as well. For the less formal parties, you can rock  the thighs-length tunic that’s ensembled with printed leggings and heels.

tunik glamor 1 joansmall
Balmain H&M
tuni jlo
Source : marokko.nl
tunik kasual glamor chanel


Resort Tunics

The key is relaxation, volume, color, brightness and prints. When it comes to vacation, you need volume on your tunic to let your skin breathe in the joy of  sun.

tunik bcbg-max-azria-look-book-resort-201512

tunik Roberto-Cavalli-floral-print-silk-tunic-4

Opt for some loose tunics in light fabric such as cotton or linen. You can have fun with bright colors and prints (from floral to geometric). Pair these flamboyant tops with shorts, capri pants, sandals or wedges. Cinch it with a belt and you’re chic in five second.


Casual Tunics

tunik Tory_Burch_Resort_2013_Look_04
Tory Burch

For hanging out with your girls or going to campus, vary your look with these comfy outfits. You can wear a hips-length or the thighs-length tunic. The crisp  cotton or jersey short-sleeved (or sleeveless if it’s appropriate at the occasion), two-toned (or more) tunic would look casual with pipe pants or skinny jeans. Play monochrome if you like slimmer or taller illusion. To accessorize, I’ll suggest (again!) an enormous belt or obi  that accentuates.

tunik Rihanna-Dines-At-Nobu-In-NYC-2


tunik tory burch resort 2014 6
Tory Burch

Sophisticated Tunics

Wear tunics to get the sophisticated look. The secret is in the simplicity. Wear a very simple tunic that is strong in color (avoid the colors that wash your skin tone away), without too much ornament or embroidery. Such tunic looks elegant. You could pair it with pipe pants and heels.

tunik alberta ferretti
Alberta Ferretti


tunic gucci-spring-2013-blue-tunic-top-profile

Sexy Tunics

Could tunics look seductive? Certainly. Tunics may cover your skin and curves, but with chiffon-silk tunics,  a tempting mistery is created in your tunic’s swished fragile fabric. Other fabric (like silk, lame or taffeta) would create the understated sensuality when the fabric covers your body closely. You don’t have to show off all your skin to look sexy. This tunic defines sensuality in subtlety.

tunik Valentino-white-long-tunic-catwalk
tunik naeem khan
Naeem Khan

There are so many different kind of tunics and they go along with all  occasions.  You don’t have to wear them only at Ramadhan or Hari Raya. They should be your wardrobe essentials because tunics are for all occasions.


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